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Apr 16, 2013 5:00am EDT
. ppessdent obama has vowed to find those responsible.ed "definitely devices hhre...ii need officcrs; definitely destruction when two bombs &pabout 15 feet of tte finishin apron and just treeendous -&we the shock waves just hit my wholl body aad my legs justt startee jitteriingarrund." sayythey are removinggmetaa emergeecy room. "ttere are some vvry ssverr ooes and obvioussl it's upsetttng to see so many people come in so say this suggests that the pomms were deeigned to scatter shrapnel.federrl authorities &parr cclling he bombingg a ttrrorist attack, but hey haae not ddtermined whether domestic.monday evening, president barack ooamm urged people nnt toojump to conclusions,,but promised justice. "make nn missake, we'll find ouu why they did proupss will feel the fuul e weight of justice." foond additional exxposive y - &pthhugh federal officials are 3 &pcclling this a terrrrist attack, the ppesident has nnt used those words. auttorittis say a large ppliie ppeeenceeat a attthh boston marathon. ources ssy a sussicioos pooice after drivinn past the rrporteely had a "nervous demea "h
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1